Dedicate a Tree in Balboa Park

dedicate a treeFriends of Balboa Park has partnered with the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department since 2008 to plant new trees in Balboa Park for future generations. This special partnership has provided an opportunity to incorporate the help of the public towards the future development of the Park. Trees within this program are available for a one-time $500 tax-deductible donation and can be dedicated to a loved one. Although there is no external plaque at the dedication site, donors or honorees will receive a certificate, tree specimen summary, and a map of the tree dedication site.  Contact  for more details.

‘Did You Know?’

A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. That means, two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four.

In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced by a car driven 26,000 miles.(National Arbor Day Foundation)