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sprinklerFriends of Balboa Park published A Roadmap to Water-wise Parkland in Balboa Park: Optimizing Water Use by 2020 – A Call to Action in May, 2012 and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone understands the concept of working together to make our Park’s water use more sustainable, so it can be enjoyed by generations to come. Some of these projects are already generating tangible results and making a difference! You can download and read the Roadmap by clicking the link above.




Florida CanyonOne of the main goals for our Water-Wise Program is to optimize water use in the parkland by 2020.  “Parkland” means the space outside the buildings, and “water-wise” means optimizing the use of water, thereby making Balboa Park more environmentally sustainable while keeping it healthy and fit for appropriate human uses. Together with Park & Recreation Department and experts from the community, decisions are based on reducing water use and also on the systemic impacts of water use on other natural resources such as air, energy, soil, re-use/recycling of materials, etc.


Friends of Balboa Park Water-Wise Projects

JimHughesCasadeBalboa4webZoro Garden Water Reclamation

Casa de Balboa sits in the heart of Balboa Park. The building is surrounded by lush vegetation, but the plants that grace the grounds of this civic centerpiece are thirsty. With water scarce and expensive, park officials are looking for options.

One of them may be on top of the Casa de Balboa building, where we find Friends of Balboa Park Project volunteer Jim Hughes. He said this building could be a significant source of new water.  Click on the image at left to see video produced by KPBS. Click here to read the entire news article published by KPBS.





Overview Central MesaWater Mapping

Friends of Balboa Park, with assistance from San Diego State Professor Matt Rahn and students in the Environmental Services Program, are mapping our Park’s existing water infrastructure and related features and introducing water measurement using state-of-the-art technology.  Accurate maps of mains, valves, and backflows are an absolute necessity for a water-wise park. These are now done for the Central Mesa and available to City staff. These interactive maps display layers of data about the water infrastructure in the park, and can be used for several important purposes, including locating the closest valves to fix water main breaks and leaks.  Click here for more information.

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