Gate Houses

Gate House Panama Expo and today


Installed for the 1915 Panama-California World Exposition, the gate houses were part of the grand entry way. After the year-long exposition, the gate was removed and the small structures were left in place. The two gate houses are located on both sides of El Prado, just as you approach the Cabrillo Bridge at the intersection of El Prado and Balboa Drive. These structures have been greeting Balboa Park visitors and neighbors for over a century and were in need of repair.

In 2014, Friends of Balboa Park accepted the gate houses as a restoration project. In partnership with the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department and with the leadership of Board Member and project lead Jim Hughes, we are pleased to announce that the gate house restoration project has been completed as of December 2016. This would not have been possible without the community’s support and The Committee of One Hundred.

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