New Fund to Support Balboa Park’s Horticulture

By Friends of Balboa Park
January 2, 2017

Sandra B. Phelps-Wilson Horticulture Fund

Friends of Balboa Park is pleased to announce its new Sandra B. Phelps-Wilson Horticulture Fund.

This fund was established with a generous $5,000 donation to provide a resource to support Balboa Park’s various landscapes. Thanks to the vision of Bob Wilson, Friends of Balboa Park has the honor of serving as steward of this important fund, named in memory of Bob’s late wife, accepting tax-deductible donations designed specifically and exclusively towards Balboa Park’s many horticulture and botanical needs.

Funds raised go toward horticultural capital improvement projects in Balboa Park, such as:

  • Care of existing trees;
  • Planting new trees;
  • Maintenance of existing landscape features;
  • Removal of dead or dying trees & other flora;
  • Landscape irrigation systems;
  • Special botanical displays;
  • And much more!

To learn more about this fund and how to donate, visit the Sandra B. Phelps-Wilson Horticulture Fund page of our website.

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